Varied Investor is run by a team of accountants, investors, and lawyers with intent of sharing alternative asset investing strategies available to the masses. Traditionally alternative assets have only been accessible to the rich, connected, and institutions, but we aim to inform our readers to break down this barrier.

Alternative Asset Investing

Alternative assets are numerous and exclude the most common types of assets including stocks, bonds, index funds, and mutual funds. Alternative assets can be used to earn income on a recurring basis or ultimately sold for a gain upon sale of the asset.

“Alternative investment” is an umbrella-term for all investment strategies which are not part of mainstream or traditional investment avenues. Alternative investments include hedge funds, private equity and real estate.

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There’s a wide range of opportunities and possibilities in the alternative asset investing world. With the internet, there are now multiple platforms democratizing alternative asset investing, and we intend to cover and share each of them in detail.


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